Assisting the Partner Companies to transform their Wash Stations from cost centres into profit centres

In the current competitive climate, all this means is primarily supporting the management in revolutionising the approach to the classic Car Wash, no longer selling it as a simple relation between capital invested and quantity obtained, but as a Centre of which the Manager is pushed to increase and boost the difference between outgoings and income, with the possibility of changing the latter at least (selling price, discounts) with the goal of maximising profit.

The development programme focuses on the theme of the on-site approach in particular: the MA-FRA Sales Network, thanks to direct and constant contact with the Operator, is the main tool for putting this work method into effect. The value of MA-FRA consultancy is demonstrated in its ability to successfully combine communication, technical assistance, business development and training to offer effective solutions. MA-FRA, thanks to its own experts, guarantees constant research and updating of superior solutions, simultaneously assuring the circulation and exchange of information on an international level. MA-FRA guarantees the updating and development of the various strategies through the periodic meetings with its sales force - CAR WASH SCHOOL - during which new products are introduced and the new marketing strategies are illustrated.

This is just one aspect of MA-FRA, however, that provides 360° consultancy. The large oil companies turn to MA-FRA to carry out market research on the various wash plants which, through the network of dealers, are then put into execution.

The collaboration with the main plant construction companies has been strengthened thanks also to Federlavaggi, of which MA-FRA is a founding member. In the company's external area the different "bays" by the key constructors are presented in alteration that, as a result of this work and open and constant contact with MA-FRA, leads to an exchange of ideas and mutual growth and the design and development of new technology.