MA-FRA has an utterly creative way of presenting itself and its services abroad.

MA-FRA poses the same questions each day: who are our clients, what do they want and how can we make it happen?

WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS, WHAT DO THEY WANT, HOW CAN WE MAKE IT HAPPEN MA-FRA's end customer has always been the life blood of the company. Through their requests, they suggest products and strategies. We have various types of customers: individuals for whom the Hobby Line is designed and the car wash professionals. It is no easy task for a company that produces detergents and technical products for cars, motorbikes, crafts, etc. to read the needs of the private customer but MA-FRA has managed to disprove this notion. Through a truly sharp marketing strategy, today MA-FRA is the brand most widely recognised in the sector by the general public. Today, MA-FRA means innovation, initiative, a visible presence at the fairs open to the general public.


Among the significant initiatives that have brought the MA-FRA brand to the lips of many, we should remember "MA-FRA ONE", a car, an idea, a concept beyond the rules, beyond any pattern. We created something that combines the dimension of the dream that draws each of us to the CAR - in the sense of an object of desire - to that of its different function. "MA-FRA ONE" is a new and wonderful creature, a "car" different to many, that knows how to excite and lend itself to a game for which it had never been conceived In this way the car has become the stage within which our stars move, the actors and actresses of an engaging, stirring performance... The car is the space where dreams become reality.

Sexy Car & Bike Wash

But every "stage" needs its stars. That's where the MA-FRA Starlets come in, lighting up a "Theatre" able to stir emotions. And our Starlets are not ones to hide in the shadows. Washing, wiping, drying, all with a touch of mischief, catching the eye of the destination user who will happily take time out to be "spoiled". This is the Sexy Car and Bike Wash. A winning and exciting show that is not only an option for trade fairs and car and bike rallies, but can also be hosted at the service stations, along the streets, during business hours. A double-sided marketing tool, attracting the end customer while, at the same time, offering the car wash premises an instrument powerful enough to reach an extremely large number of people, also at a local level. The "Guerrilla Marketing" strategies developed in some major cities - girls "dressed" in the MA-FRA colours and placed at traffic lights to clean the car windscreens - are further examples of direct and cutting-edge activities that have the Italian newspapers covering our brand and our communication methods. Our clients want quality, both ordinary drivers and car wash professionals, but sometimes the perception of quality - to the final user - can also be transmitted through the notoriety of the brand and the various communication tools. It is certainly a bonus that MA-FRA enjoys communicating with the public, a notoriously difficult feat, in a friendly and motivating way and it is useful to provide, particularly in the various stations, an informative communication first and foremost.


With MA-FRA, the car wash has become the place where the car receives a treatment worthy of the best "Health and Beauty Centres". This way MA-FRA continues to borrow concepts and ideas from human beauty treatments and apply them to the car. The message today is made even clearer by the new poster design that is revolutionary in terms of graphic and content. The car fuses with the body of a girl and numerous hands massage the bodywork of a beautiful vehicle in the same way as a body might be massaged. The new poster design not only provokes a reaction, however. Its crystal clear messages explain exactly which services are available, how long they take and the price of each option.